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All our clients benefit from access to our monthly software and support packages designed to
cover everything needed to ensure smooth drone operations within your company and piece-of-mind.

Using drone systems on our own farm means we can provide you with fully relevant training in how to make the most of drones in your own agri business. We’re also constantly testing, developing and learning, and through our on-going support service we pass that knowledge onto you.

Agriculture specific training is free with all our drone systems, and 1 month of software and support is included too.

On-going support and software costs £150 per month with no fixed contract – use it when you need it, or choose an optional fixed-term contract and get a discount on the monthly rate.
Cutting edge processing & analytics from our partners


This is where the real power is. Mapping and analytics software turns a normal drone system into an effective tool for precision agriculture.

We’re experts with a number of software packages, and the options we provide via our partners offer the best combination of simplicity and features.

Finding the best option for you can be confusing, so we’ve created simple monthly plans matched to our drone systems that cover software and support, you’ll find these listed as options for each system.

Already own a drone? We can supply stand-alone software too.

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The basic version of Dronedeploy provides a very easy to use flight planning and data processing app that will produce high resolution RGB maps.

The pro version comes with our Mavic package and offers real-time map generation for in-field crop scouting and analysis of crop variation, terrain modelling and data export after upload.

The Pro version costs  £230 for 3 months or £770 per year. There is also a Business version with more advanced features at £2300 per year.

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Aeroview provides an intuitive and easy-to-use field management platform and multi-spectral data processing with ground-breaking analytics, which keep the mapping process simple while providing advanced analysis of data to generate crop intelligence data, plant counts and export industry standard variable rate files with 24 hours.

Aeroview is required to process multi-spectral data, perform plant counts and export variable rate prescriptions.


A high end software subscription package that can be used with the 3P multi-spectral sensor mounted on the Storm drone to process multi-spectral data in the field with no internet connection within 15mins.

It provides a wealth of information immediately, including 4 band true stress measurements, biomass and yield potential, smart detection of pests and true plant population counts.

Slantview has three options, Lite is free and exports imagery so it can be processed in Aeroview. Basic offers in-field image processing at 20% overlap as well as NDVI and Stress maps and Pro offers more features such as population density, weed coverage, yield potential and smart detection.

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Pix 4D AG

Pix 4D was the first to start processing photogrammetric drone data. It has had a long time to develop a very advanced and powerful, if complicated piece of software. This is generally too much for most applications, though we use it ourselves for R&D purposes, and recommend it to any clients planning such activities. All processing is done locally and requires a fast computer.

Pix 4D AG is a version specifically for agri applications, at a cheaper price point to the full software. It costs £340 for 3 months, £1100 for a year or £2500 to buy outright. We can also supply the full version where required.

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Learn everything you need to start using drones

Agri-Specific Training

Training is included with all our systems at our 6000 acre farm. And with the Mavic Agri Pro you have the option to get training from a pro drone operator when they deliver it to you.

Designed to get you up to speed and ready to using your systems, our drone training covers all the basics from the system itself through to cameras and sensors. We cover manual flying, through to programming automated flights for mapping, prepping the kit and cover site surveys and risk assessments. Then we’ll move onto using the software for data processing and analysis, looking at managing RGB and multi-spectral data and on to building variable rate prescriptions alongside an agronomist.

CAA certification (PFCO – permission for commercial operations) is a legal requirement if you plan to operate on a commercial basis. In partnership with the Aerial Academy we will organise private courses at our base, or can arrange for individuals to complete the course at various locations across the UK through.

Drone Spraying Qualification passed
We’ll give you piece of mind when operating drones

Enterprise Support

Designed to cover everything needed to ensure smooth drone operations within your company – problems resolved fast, equipment maintained and staff up to date.

Our software and support packages are charged at £150 per month and include:

  • Aeroview software.
  • Phone and email support.
  • Maintenance return service – we’ll have your system collected, complete a full system check, perform any software updates and test fly your system. Hardware upgrades can also be performed at extra cost, with training on new features.
  • Courtesy system service – We’ll provide a system for you to use if your system will be with us for more than 5 working days.
  • Monthly tech and workflow updates – we’re constantly testing the latest drone tech and working to improve
    the way current systems are used and we do this with you in mind. We will provide updates on any new work-flows, analysis techniques and software features or kit that maybe beneficial to you.
  • In-the-field support from our operator network – we have a network of pro drone pilots across the UK and Europe that have be trained to use our systems. They can also pilot for you at extra cost.
Storm Drone on case with DJI Z30