drones for mapping agriculture prescriptions
Get Accurate and Reliable Information

On Demand Data

Our drones provide an up-to-date, high resolution aerial data solution that betters satellite across the board. Produce plant counts and establishment checks, detect weeds/disease, measure nitrogen and biomass.

Variable Rate Prescription Files

Fly Then Apply

With fast data processing and the ability to fly in variable weather conditions, our drones allow you to work with the latest crop data. Then export it in industry standard formats for variable rate nitrogen or pesticide prescriptions.

Storm Agriculture Drone over field
Storm Agriculture Drone in flight
BUY the STORM Agri Pro Drone System

Designed for Farmers

Our drones come as complete system solutions including training and on-going support. They are the perfect aerial platforms to gather the data needed for a multitude of precision agriculture applications.

 Tough. Flexible. Easy to Fly.

Designed and built using DJI tech – Storm is a weather-tolerant, easy to operate, upgradeable drone system integrated with the latest multi-spectral imaging systems.

Weather Tolerant Design

Rain and Wind tolerant – No need to avoid variable weather.


Easy to Operate

As easy to fly as a DJI Phantom – Storm uses the same controls and apps.


Redundant Systems

Three IMUs, two GPS and two batteries for reliability and up to 30mins flight time

Storm Agriculture Drone with Sequoia sensor
True Multi Spectral Imagery

Go Beyond the Visual

The Storm Agri Pro package includes a 12MP RGB camera and a Parrot Sequoia sensor fully integrated. It is a true 4 band multi-spectral camera that captures each band of light individually. A sunlight sensor also records incoming light giving  true, calibrated images that are scientifically accurate. This allows for proper variable rate exports and data that can be compared easily to images captured on other dates.


It is worth noting that many companies advertise ‘NIR’ or ‘NDVI’ cameras that are simply modified by removing IR blocking filters. These claims are misleading as these cameras are not capable of capturing properly calibrated or accurate data.


The easy to use Aeroview software is fully compatible with the multi spectral imagery captured. It provides ground-breaking analytics with a simple process that gives you the information you need to make better decisions on the ground and produce variable rate exports in industry standard formats.

Optional Extras

More Accuracy and Power

RTK GPS system

A normal GPS system provides accuracy to about 1m either way which is enough for most agri mapping scenarios. When more accuracy is required for applications such as mapping margins, tramlines or measuring crop height, the RTK upgrade will provide position accuracy to within 5cm. £3000

Super Power Pack

Provides three battery pairs and a six battery parallel multi charger in a tough flight case. This system will charge three battery pairs at once in about 20mins, keeping you flying all day. £1200

Storm Agriculture Drone in case in field
Storm Agri Pro drone

 AGRI PRO package £9800


DJI Z3 12MP RGB 7x Zoom Camera, Parrot Sequoia Multi-Spectral Camera, 4 x Batteries, 2 x Spare Props, Custom Flight Case, Hub Charger, Landing Pad, Tools
Agri-specific Training, 1 month Software and Support

On-going software and support costs £150 per month. Read more about it here.

CAA certification courses are also available at £950 per person. This is required if you plan to operate on a commercial basis – i.e. make money from flying drone systems.

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